Friday, June 18, 2010

Giving Birth is Hard to Do

P1030966 Misty and Jeff checked into the hospital on Thursday afternoon about 4:30. Misty was a week over due and SOOO ready for baby Gage to arrive.


Things went really well for on on Thursday night. Well considering she was in labor and no one ever gets sleep in a hospital.

P1030982 Here is Nurse Judy. She was very knowledgeable and

P1030971This is where we spent our time. We meaning about 16-20 people.

P1030972 Some of the Jungs.

P1030973 Misty was just around the corner.

P1030975 Looking all peachy keene on Friday morning/early afternoon.

P1030977 She even had a super cool pregnant girl bed. See the baby bump. nice.

P1030980 Sweet little blue and white striped outfit that Gage wore for the first time.

Friday was a really long day for Misty and Jeff. Here is a short version. Misty’s water broke on it down early Friday morning. Yay!. She dilated to a 5 and got her epidural. Things were good. She was at an 8 around noon. Whoo Hoo! Then it took 4 hours to get to a 9. Almost everyone went to grab a quick supper and things went south. Misty started running a fever and was nauseas. Misty labored and labored forever. She was at a 9 and 90% effaced and just couldn’t some to get passed that point. More nurses. Family out of the room. Family out of the hallway. Doctor came. More work. Gage finally arrived at 10:03pm.

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