Monday, June 21, 2010

Down on the Farm

We spent Saturday evening with Tony’s family in Gracemont. His mom’s sister and her husband were celebrating their 50th anniversary. The party was Saturday, on Carl and Donna’s 39th anniversary, but their actual 50th anniversary was Sunday. Ah, June Brides.

P1040012 Here is Carsyn chattin’ it up with her Aunt Charity and cousin Ben.

P1040015 Here is Carsyn after she spotted me. In the background is Aunt Katie’s granddaughter’s birthday celebration. It was a festive night. Get a load of those blue eyes. Love them!

P1040022 How sweet and reflective Carsyn looks. She really enjoyed being outside. Playing with rocks. Pretty sure she's staring at the John Deer Gator, wishing for a ride.

P1040025 Holy Moly, look who’s in charge. If that’s not a walk of confidence and determination, I don’t know what is. Look close and you’ll see a big silver tank of propane and behind that, cows. Told you we were on the farm. Aunt Siso’s house is so nice it’s hard to believe.

P1040035 Cousin Elisabeth was so sweet to play rocks with Carsyn. Don’t they both look so pretty in their pink dresses?


It was a great night celebrating 50 years of marriage. There was even chocolate cake. Doesn’t get better thanthat.

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