Monday, July 27, 2009

Call It Christened

It didn't take Carsyn long to break the new highchair in. She wanted to spread the sweat potato love ALL around.

Little Stinker.


  1. Yea for you, Carsyn, liking sweet potatoes. I like them, too. It looks like you are really enjoying them. I know, you have to lick it all off your thumb and fingers. There's less cleanup taht way, right??

  2. Cayden has the same high chair and still enjoys spreading food all over it. Soon Carsyn will master the spread and the throw...always fun to clean food off the walls.

  3. Crystal, you crack me up. You said Carsyn was eating "sweat" potatoes. You mean sweet. "Sweat" potatoes give a whole new meaning to "Little Stinker." Either way you spell it, obviously, Carsyn loves them! I am so proud of you making her food. I brag to everyone about you! Love, ya.