Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Needs Stuff

Thanks Mom!

So, after our discovery, I headed off to Babies-R-Us the next day to make some responsible purchases. Gotta take care of those pearly whites.

It's Sippy Cup Time! Hooray! I guess...I'm still a little sad that Carsyn is already using a sippy cup. Of course I need to put it all in perspective. She's actually just playing with a sippy cup. It's all about learning and exploring. I'm trying to live in the moment.

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  1. Living in the moment is the key. Relish every age and stage of development. Already you see how quickly she grows and changes. I know that you know that Carsyn is such a blessing. But I just have to say it, "Carsyn is such a blessing!" We are so thankful that God sent her to you and Tony. You are the perfect parents for her. Enjoy! Love ya.