Saturday, July 11, 2009

Go West Young Carsyn

So I've been having technical difficulties. While I can no longer post to the blog from work (stupid web sense), I have been posting from home. Then our Internet at home broke. So frustrating. But don't worry, I am so dedicated, I've traveled to Oklahoma to upload pictures from the last week. Yes, I know this is extreme, but that is how dedicated I am to keeping you updated on Carsyn and our lives.
Sunday we headed to Lubbock for my great-uncle's funeral.
Our family gathers well for each other. Uncle Jerry was such a strong man and so well respected, we all felt it was important to be there to see him off. Aunt Teresa came from Kansas, MamMaw and PapPaw from Mesquite, us from Fort Worth, Misty from Sterling (Jeff was in New Mexico and couldn't work out the logistics) and Granny and PaPa T from Lawton. Karen and Chuck from Edmond. Grandma from Lawton.
MamMaw and PapPaw came to our house first.

Next it was Madeline and Clyde's house. Madeline is PapPaw's sister. How cute are they!

Finally we made it to Vonnie and Jerry's house.

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