Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Doc was Wrong

This is a pic of the inside of Tony's knee. Pretty cool.
This is Tony at the hospital last night. Post-surgery is a lot scarier. More tubes and machines now.
Here is a little recap of the last 18 hours.
Tony was all excited gathering his stuff for Vegas. His flight was 7:50 Friday night. The doctor called about 2pm and said the results from Thursday were wrong. Tony has a staph infection in his knee. It's very serious and he needs surgery ASAP. I remembered the doctor did say on Thursday that the lab results would be hard to read because Tony had already been taken antibiotics. It also explains why they couldn't find any crystallization in the sample from Thursday. No gout, but infection.
Tony was admitted to the hospital last night, had surgery this morning. The doctor drained his knee, flushed out crap (very technical medical term used by the doctor) and cleaned out the infected tissue. The surgery was a success. No cartilage damage.
It's not over yet, keep praying. Tony will get a PICC line today and then be on IV therapy for about a month. Possibly going home on Monday.

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