Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

For a family with a new baby and a dad with a bum knee, we sure were busy this weekend. I really can't remember where we were going, but Carysn is wearing a onesie that we bought for her on our vaction to NYC. She's just cute and so here is a picture of that.
Sunday night we headed over to the Cogburns for game night with our Sunday School class. Just like junior high. The girls gather together and the boys do their thing. They played outside, watched tv, played American Idol. The ladies just played cards, ate and talked. It was really nice for us becuase Carsyn stayed home with Granny and PaPa T.

Carysn was decked out for summer fun. She had her watermelon dress on and her...FLIP FLOPS! Aunt Misty will be so proud. one problem. Look closely. See it? She can barely fit the strap between her big toe and her second toe. Who made these things? They are WAY too thick! So, we took the picture and off the shoes went. That's how she really likes it any way.

Monday afternoon my grandparents came over form Mesquite. Carsyn showed off all her tricks for her great-grandparents. She was so sweet to entertain all of us. rolling over, spitting, laughing, jumping like crazy in her jumperoo


  1. Carsyn you are looking so cute in your New York onies. You have to learn to make sacrifices for fashion. Way to hang in there with the flip flops for pics. :) Have a great week guys.

  2. What a fun weekend. Ya'll are so blessed to have wonderful family nearby to love on you and your little one. What a cutie she is!!