Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hello Gage, I’m Carsyn

Carsyn finally got to meet Gage on Saturday. Due to a few complications and logistics, Gage was 15 days old before she got to see him. I think she likes him. She gave him a few love pats and a couple of kisses. She wasn’t very excited about Momma holding him. She wanted to be held too. All in all the introductions went beautifully.

P1040137 Carsyn being silly with PaPa T while we were waiting for Gager to arrive.

P1040142Carsyn kept checking on Granny in the kitchen. She was positive Granny needed her assistance.

P1040143“OK. Something is different. Aunt Misty and Uncle FaFa came to Granny’s house. And they brought my old car seat?”

P1040147“Hmmm. Not as comfortable as I remember”

P1040151 “Oh, I see. Aunt Misty has a baby. Here ya go. I’m sure you’ll need this diaper.”

P1040156“Maybe Gage needs some towels.”


Finally. A kiss. Doesn’t it melt your heart? how sweet. Cousin’s meeting for the first time.

I know there are a few million pictures with sisters and cousins, but absolutely non were taken with my camera. Ah, nuts…

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  1. Okay, that last picture makes it look like Gage is afraid of Carsyn. I just wanted to set the record straight that Gage also liked Carsyn, but he is a boy and soon he probably wont like her kissing him. :) Thanks for making a special trip to see us.