Monday, November 8, 2010

Gage’s Baby Dedication

Sunday Misty and Jeff dedicated Gage to the LORD. In front of friends, family, their church and God. P1050150Misty is looking up at the baby pictures on the big screen.


P1050155Gage is totally ignoring me. Refused to look at me. this isn’t the best picture. I think my camera setting was wrong. I was taking pictures during the prayer and I was trying to be stealth.


P1050163 Oh the proud Great and Great-Great Grandparents.



Carsyn was so funny that afternoon. She was extremely chatty and very pleasant all while during her regular nap time. She laid down on the couch for a minute or 15 seconds. Then she put her babies to bed about 4 times. Strolling them down the hallway to the back bedroom, tossing them over into the pack and play. Telling them nite-nite and shutting the door. Then almost immediately needing someone to help her get her babies back into the stroller so she can recklessly drive down the hallway with her stroller.


P1050169 Aunt Crystal and Gagers. He is such a happy baby.



Here is Carsyn running around the backyard. I have no idea where I was. We packed up about 2:30 and headed home. Carsyn was out like a light less than 5 minutes after we hit the road.

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