Sunday, December 4, 2011

North Pole Express


Grapevine has this really cool downtown area and it celebrates Christmas like no other (at least no one else in Texas, per their propaganda). We headed out Friday night to experience the North Pole Express AKA the Polar Express.

P1080434 Our first stop was Christmas ornament making. Carsyn had lots of help from Granny and Daddy.

PaPa T and I could barely stand the propane smell. We’re the ones with good sniffers in the family.



Carsyn got to wear her PJs are part of the Polar Express theme. How cute is she!


Of course supper was in order! Grilled Cheese Please.


Finally on the train. The wonder in her eyes was worth everything.

P1080454 P1080455

Santa even joined us on the train.


The night was perfect. Dare I say magical. Carsyn is so fun right now. She loved meeting Santa and all his helpers. It was a great family fun night!


  1. What a fun night! Carsyn was so cute. It was such a joy watching her eyes light seeing the dancers and Santa. She was so sweet. It was a great night after a great day with Carsyn. We lover her so much. Granny and PapaT

  2. I can only imagine what fun you all had together. Just seeing the expressions on Carsyn's face in the pictures tells a lot. Such a great family!