Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Carsyn was a fairy. Ty was Casper...with jeans.

We headed to church for a little Trunk or Treat.


Where Carsyn and Daddy found some dogs to love on. Tony is a dog magnet. They all love him.


Carsyn had the best time on the inflatable. She was really intrigued by it, but also intimidated. Tony encouraged her to try at least once and she loves to please her Daddy. One time through the course and she was hooked. She did it at least 4 times.




Ty hung out and watched.

And tried to steal candy.

As it got later Tony looked at his watch, told Carsyn it was late and time to go home. In the truck Carsyn asked it she could come back next year. Then proceeded to ask if Tony could leave his watch at home. That time piece was cramping her style.



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