Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pop Goes the 4th

Carsyn and Tony were in Oklahoma for the 4th of July. They joined Granny and PaPa T at the Lawton Country Club for burgers and fireworks. How adorable are they?!?!

Carsyn loved the fireworks. Ty and I stayed home because he had a 15 month doctors appointment and I had to work on Friday. Boo.

Tony sent me some Carsyn quotes. Enjoy.
"It's like they're on a playdate" when multiple ones went off at the same time.
"I think they're fighting"
"That one was like PaPa T's shotgun and a thunderstorm at the same time" Shotgun? really?
"That's what I'm talkin about!"
"They're lighting up the whole sky!"

Ty and I on the other hand chilled inside away from the mosquitos and listened to the fireworks. 

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