Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things to Remember

I’m just throwing in some random pictures so I can remember so things Carsyn has been up to the last few months.


The words are a plenty. She learns 1 or 2 new words everyday. Her favorite question is ‘What dis'?’ Then she’ll repeat back whatever you said. Could be one word or 3-4 word sentence.


She loves to take pictures of herself and others. She’ll say “Cheese Momma” “Cheese Daddy” She rarely turns the camera to right way to actually capture anyone else in her pictures, but she loves being in charge of the camera.



One of the challenges we are facing is at night time. Carsyn likes to strip down. No PJ’s. No diaper. Some times we catch it before we go to bed. Some times we don’t. It was annoying and potential gross, but we were hopeful. Not a chance were we going to escape this parental right of passage. Poop and Pee Pee in the bed. It’s happened. More than one.P1050807 

She’s developed a love of Barney and Elmo.



She calls Daddy’s Tahoe the Taco.


She loves to call Aunt Missy and ask about Jeff and Gage.


She thinks Granny and PaPa T live upstairs.


Carsyn is starting to play pretend. This bottle of lotion is bubbles.

P1050810 P1050809

There are about a million other random things I could add, but I’ll stop now. Carsyn is asleep and I can finally eat supper!

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