Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Over the Weather

OK. I feel the need to point out my creativity. My last post was entitled ‘Under the Weather’, this one "’Over the Weather’. Picture a pat on the back.


Carsyn is still sick. And clingy.P1060161

There is ice every where in North Texas. (Yes in Oklahoma too. I get it, a foot of snow. OVER ice)

Our office is closed. Tuesday is was really closed. I got on my laptop and check so email, but that’s about it. Tuesday was Workday 1 of the monthly close process. Not a day to be missed. Wednesday the building is closed, but the people are working. It’s Workday 2 – really not a day to be missed. So here is my little home office. My laptop on a TV tray by the kitchen.



Here is the street by the back of our house. Not wet. Sheet of ice. P1060169

Here I am. On my back. In the driveway. I slipped. Hurt a little. Hurts more now than when it happened. Don’t worry. I put on that huge down jacket and had my cell phone in my pocket. The camera was in my hand. ‘All the better to document you with my dear.’



Me. Flat on my back. That whole ‘pat on the back’ thing from above doesn’t sound so bad now huh? I need a massage on the back now!P1060171

Does any body else remember that I was snorkeling in the Caymans two weeks ago!?!? I sure do!

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  1. Crystal you are too funny showing your fall. It even made Jeff laugh when I showed him. Keep those laughs coming!