Monday, January 31, 2011

Under the Weather



How do you know when you don’t feel your best? Mom let’s you eat ‘supper’ AKA-pizza, apple, chips and a grape slush- with your blanket in your PJs.

Carsyn has been battling some sinus drainage and a cough. It’s annoying and uncomfortable. She’s irritated too. ;-) Just kidding. Sort of.

Then she was cranky at daycare all day. Some Tylenol finally provided relief around 4:30. Then I found out a little boy that goes to her daycare was diagnosed with the flu this morning. Then another little boy was diagnosed with RSV and an ear infection this afternoon. WHAT?!?!? Are you kidding me? Why? Why do people want to infect my child. Called the doctors office. Basically there is nothing we can do but hydrate and wait. Contain the fever, but that might get higher too. It’s just a bad cold. Frustrating!

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  1. Carsyn, I'm so sorry you don't feel good. I know Mommy and Daddy are taking good care of you and will help you feel all better. I love you!!