Friday, January 21, 2011

Grand Cayman II

After the amazing jet ski adventure, we lunched at the Hard Rock Cafe. There was a constant battle between ship time, CST and island time, EST. Short story is we ate fast and hightailed it back to the boat. I can’t confirm 100% if we were the last tender back to the ship, but we were one of the last 100 or so back on board.P1060011Because of our short time, I didn’t get to see much of the town. I took most of these pictures while walking really fast back to the ship.

P1060012 P1060016 P1060022

Even with the few pictures you can see how the Caymans are so much nicer than Jamaica.

What is a tender? It’s a shuttle ship that moves the people from the big boat to the dock. This is the option when the ships can’t pull right up to the dock.

P1060029 P1060031 P1060036


Us on the tender back to the ship.P1060033

Home Sweet Home. Our arrival back was so late that we got to see them raise the anchor up.


Look at that beautiful water! LOVED IT! This picture was taken from my balcony.


Tony and I giving the Grand Cayman’s one last look.


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  1. Do they do some kind of head check to make sure they have everyone or are you just on your own?