Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blog Editor


Carsyn is two. She is independent. Defiant. Fiery. Feisty. Bossy. Sassy. Busy. Persistent. Vocal.

Sunday afternoon she needed to be between me and the computer. She was missing out and had to get closer. I finally caved and let her have at it.

She offered some insights and critics of the most recent blog posts. You can now add Blog Editor to her list of accomplishments.

She wanted her dress off after church, but wasn’t concerned about her bloomers or tights. Then she saw her cruise flip flops and wanted to add those to the mix.

We’re still trying to determine our office dress code. If you subscribe to the theory that the boss sets the example, you could make some assumptions about my wardrobe choices, but i assure you I was dressed more professionally.

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