Sunday, January 16, 2011


Saturday morning we loaded up the Tahoe and headed south.  P1050814 

Tony is pretending to be mad. He’s actually very excited. We all are. P1050817

Baby girl is happy. Granny is sitting next to her, Barney is in the DVD player and she has snacks. Ready for a road trip!


We stayed at the Hilton in Galveston. It was great. Very nice rooms and staff was helpful. They offer a free shuttle to the cruise and free parking. Great deal and helped break up the process of getting on the ship.


Here is Carsyn chilling in the hotel lobby. She heard there was free WiFi and wanted to check her facebook before she went to bed.


Vacation began on Saturday night for Crystal and Tony. Granny kept Carsyn at the hotel while we went to a pseudo-rehearsal dinner. It was a real dinner, but a fake rehearsal.


Boarding day.

Even though we were going to the tropics, it was still cold in Galveston. It was yucky drizzling rain. Don’t Tony’s eyes look so blue with his tan!


Waiting. There are a lot of people and a lot of waiting on the big boat. Carsyn was really good and everyone thought she was super cute. She did a little dance to the Macarena. Won their hearts right there.


And so it begins. 8 days, 7 nights of fun!

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