Friday, January 21, 2011

Grand Cayman

I’m going to let you in on a little secret right here. Or maybe I’m ruing the surprise. Either way…I’m in love with the Caymans. Best day of the cruise. The Caymans were so nice. Clean, pretty, friendly. Such a contrast to Jamaica. Is it poor form to bad mouth another country on a different blog post? Jamaica was dirty, rude, sketchy and stinky. Pretty much the opposite of Grand Cayman.

 P1050979Teresa and I waiting on our shuttle for the excursion. Can you see the big boat in the back ground? Noah took this pic. He’s 11. Thanks!


P1050981 Me documenting the pre-excursion time. I took this picture. I’m 29. You’re welcome.


P1050982Do you see it? The sandbar. The sandbar where the stingray’s come. This is the only place in the world (according to some website I read.) where you can feed stingrays in their natural habitat instead of a tank.


P1050984 We road a jet ski out to the sandbar. Here is Tony’s boss, Sam, and his daughter Amanda.


P1050986 Tone Bones chilling in the water. Before the stingrays came.


P1050989 Me about to jump in.


P1050993 See the darker parts of the water? Close to Sam and Amanda? Stingrays. Big stingrays.


Teresa was brave enough to go first. She held and kissed that huge stingray.

Teresa Stingray-1

Tony’s turn. He was ready. I needed a few minutes to think about it.

Tony Stingray-1

The thing even gave us a back massage. They were every where. See the two in the background.

Tony Stingray 2-1

I held and kissed one too. Fed one squid. Do you catch that? I held a raw squid and fed a stingray with my bare hand. Be impressed.

Crystal Stingray-1

The water was beautiful. Crystal clear. Amazing white sand. We were with a small tour group. Only 10 of us and 2 guide. See the boats. They were like a mob. So thankful that we didn’t cram on one of those.

Crystal Stingray 2-1


Here I am. We went snorkeling along a small reef. The guide brought of some more food and the fish came a runnin’


The Three Amigos.


This was the best excursion. Everyone had a blast.


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