Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cruise Prep

We’re leaving Saturday to drive down to Galveston to start our Cruise 2011 Extravaganza Week. The packing has begun. It must. There is wedding clothes, formal dinner, excursions, pool parties, midnight buffets and what not to plan for.

Tony’s purchased almost a whole new wardrobe. He’s had too. He’s lost over 20lbs!!


Carsyn got 5 new bathing suits and 2 cover ups and 2 flip flops and a pair of crocs. I’m also digging out summer clothes that were backed away upstairs.


This pile represents my packing as well as my mind. It’s all a jumble. I don’t know what to bring. What fits. What will fit by the end of the 7 day food fest.



Then there is this sweet baby girl.


Some people can get into the cruisin’ state of mind faster than others.

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