Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday night Tony and I got to go see one of his all time favorite bands. Styx. 80’s rock. I think. Not one of my all time favorite bands. But it was important to my man and so I went.

Quick story about last time I went to see Styx. Picture it. Oklahoma City. 2004. The zoo. It’s hot and I’m not excited to go sit in the grass and listen to an 80’s rock band.

Waited in a long line. Tony and the other couple we were with walked through and gave the man their ticket. I had a camera. “I’m sorry ma’am, but there is no photography allowed. You can’t bring the camera in.” What?!?!

I have to walk back to the car. Tony of course offers to go with me, but “No sir, if you leave you’ll need another ticket to get back in. “What?!?!

Not only do I not want to go to this concert, but now I have to walk back to the car, by myself and THEN wait in line AGAIN, by myself! Nice. I suck it up and do it. Get back in line by this family with 2 young kids. Maybe 5 and 8. They drove all night from Chicago to hear Styx. These kids are HUGE fans. They’re mini roadies and if they didn’t have school, they’d go on tour with Styx. I’m not even as cool as a 5 year old..


Tony did treat me to Bob’s first. I like that!P1050715 US!


P1050716Sam and Rosa. Tony’s boss and our friends.


 P1050717 Dean and Emily. She works with Tony.


P1050721 P1050727 P1050777 Styx.

Tony loving every minute. We had FRONT ROW seats.

Confession: I had a great time. I actually knew almost all the songs and sang along.


Happy Couple.


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