Sunday, April 11, 2010



Carsyn has been showing some interest in drinking from a cup. A cup without a lid. A cup that spills. A cups that takes her one more step closer to being a girl. Not a baby. I’m not really having issues with her growing up. I’m just shocked when it happens. Seriously we just switched to a sippy cup 4 months ago.


She did really well. She did have to change clothes before her nap, but no water got on the floor.


  1. Carsyn, you are growing up so fast! I am so proud of you for trying new things. You are such a big girl. PawPaw and I love you soooo much!!

  2. How fun for you, Carsyn, to be drinking from a cup with no lid. This is as much a learning curve for your momma as it is for you. Good job, Crystal, letting her practice using no lid. Love ya tons.

  3. Quinn has that same shirt...probably in a smaller size though!