Sunday, April 18, 2010

How do you like your eggs?



Yup. Carsyn is making eggs tonight. Any special orders?

So wish I had a picture of Tony as a baby. He played with a tub (correction. sticks) of butter on the kitchen floor. Add some bread and we’d have a good breakfast cooking.

I'm loving this picture so much, I can hardly type. Priceless!!! Thank you Charity and Donna for finding this and sending it! How cute with one sock and one sock off.

And check out Charity's super stylin' sandals. Pretty sure I saw those exact same ones online today in the 'Summer Must Haves' list.


  1. Carsyn it is so sweet of you to share your eggs. I am also impressed that the yoke on your pants is not bothering you. :) Way to go Chef Carsyn!

    Crystal I'm am glad you took a picture before cleaning up. I just need to know more of the story behind this scene. :)

  2. Carsyn, you are so smart to know that eggs have to be cracked before they can be scrambled. Looks like you have started with the scrambling, too. It also looks like it doesn't take much to entertain you or your Daddy! Just give you some eggs and your Daddy some butter and that's all it takes. Carsyn, I will take my eggs scrambled and if you can find some bread to toast, you can spread your Daddy's butter on it. I think between the two of you, you will have breakfast ready in no time at all. I love you Sweet Pea!! Thanks to you and your Mommy for posting this you have given us all great memories!

  3. yes, I'd love to know the story behind this. And Tony is the cutest baby! I'm so glad you got the picture to put here!