Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our little family of three decided to take on the impossible. Reckless some call it. Daunting.  A seasoned father of 3 told Tony, “I hope it works out for you.” P1030546We decided to tackle the zoo. In the Spring. On a Saturday. With beautiful weather.

P1030551 Carsyn was a rock star! So sweet and very engaged.

P1030558We saw several babies.

P1030554Lots of couples.

P1030568Daddy held her so she could get a close up of this king.


He held her up to see the fish.

P1030576She was really interested in EVERYTHING.

Note where she is looking.


Carsyn spend the bulk her of afternoon looking her favorite exhibit. Humans.

Man that place was packed. It was decided that next time we come, it’ll be during the week. We hit the highlights. Lions, Tigers, Bears…sharks, birds (one was eating a rat!), penguins, gorillas, cheetas, giraffes. We’ll go back when she is older. It was a fun family day!

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  1. Awwwwww. Such a fun family outing. Tony and Crystal, thank you for doing such fun things with Carsyn. You two are such great parents. I love you all.