Thursday, August 19, 2010

Eating Out

So for several months, or a year, we avoided restaurants. They just seem intimidating with a toddler. But we've been venturing out more often and it's gone fairly well.

We like to keep the ratio close to 4 adults per child. Seems safer that way.
Here is Carsyn hanging out with Sean and Lisa. They're going to watch her a few days while Tony and I are in Washington DC.

Happy little family.

The nice thing about Mexican restaurants is you get food immediately. That really helps when you're trying to keep your low blood sugar under control and your child entertained.
I think she's doing research for her next book. 101 things you can do with a tortilla. #23 Wear it as fashion accessory.

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  1. We are also big fans of Mexican and Italian b/c you get automatic food! Haha! We need to see you guys soon!