Friday, August 27, 2010

Me in DC

Last week I was in Washington DC. Tony was there for a conference and mom and dad came along to see the sites with me.

Me on the segway at the Washington Monument.
Again, me on the segway at the Washington Monument.

Me & WaMo (that's park ranger talk for Washington Monument.)

Me at Arlington Cemetery.

Me by Kennedy's eternal flame.

Me at the Nats game.

Me at the Capital in the rotunda.

Me at the Library of Congress.

Me at the National Cathedral.

Me outside of the ice house at Mount Vernon.

That's me in and around DC. Too bad no one else would take my picture.

Truth is, half of these I was just checking my hair or lip gloss. I don't carry a mirror and that camera gets the job done. I'm also showing off that I can take a picture of myself while on the segway. I'm cool like that.


  1. You my friend are a total nerd, but it made for a very funny and great post! Glad you had fun. See ya soon.

  2. Ditto Misty! But we still love you! Looks like you had a grant time!