Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Catherine!

Catherine celebrated her birthday in style! Thanks for asking us to tag along and get some culture in our lives.
We went to the Modern Museum of Art. I'll admit, I was pretty intimidated at the thought. I don't get modern art. I don't really appreciate it. I don't really appreciate old art either. I just know if it looks pretty.

Good news! I didn't have to look at any art. Just watch so old people dance and eat fancy food.

Then to top it off, I got to eat two cookies and Blue Bell ice cream smushed in between. Now that's what I'm talking about for a celebration.

Here is me with my post sugar glow. Actually this is me after walking in the rain to get that sugar. I'm ok with it being a little fuzzy. Out of focus looked good on me that night.

Happy Birthday Catherine! We had a great time.

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