Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tony holding his baby girl and Baby Gage. hmmm...not that long ago when it was Carsyn that little.

Sweet baby boy. Love that smile!!

Seriously Mom. NO MORE.

Carsyn was such a sweet little girl while Gage was here. She was very concerned about the baby. "bay-be" She need to know where he was and if he was ok. She checked the monitor while he was sleeping. He was waking up from his nap one time and crying out. She rushed to his room and Granny wasn't following fast enough. She ran back to get Granny. Said 'bay-be. bay-be". Um, hello. There is a baby and he is crying. Not going to happen on my watch not get in there lady.
If he needed his diaper changed, she wanted to get the diaper and Desitin. Such a good little helper. Made my heart smile.

Not goin' lie. No one is having fun in this picture. Carsyn was really ok with my holding Gage. She just need to be up in the chair with me.

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