Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Carsyn and I had a mission on Labor Day - get that baby girl some shoes. So we got all fancy and hit Target. Found some super cute shoes (I'll show you those later), all size 7! What?!? 7. Seriously hurts my tummy a little bit.

Since we were looking so sassy, we offered our selves up as dates. Tony was finishing a round of golf, so we went outside to wait on him. We were hungry and didn't dare wait inside and waste valuable seconds getting out the door.

Lots of times I'll squat down to take a picture of Carsyn. Try to get on her level and avoid top of the head shots. Can you see my shadow? Carsyn wanted to squat down beside me. So sweet. Of course it also completely eliminates the whole 'on her level' purpose of the poise in the first place. Results : shot of Carsyn's bow head.

Bonus for being Daddy's date? Oreo cookies!! Hooray for that yumminess.

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