Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time Out

This is the time out chair at our house. I bought it at Canton last spring thinking it was so sweet and Carsyn needed something besides the DVD player to sit on.
She doesn't really use it. So it has become the first of many "I'm almost 2 and independent" victims. When the temper tantrums start, Carsyn and this chair get put in the corner.
Once she has pulled herself together and stopped crying, she is allowed to get up. The playing begins again. And this chair is slyly relocated to another place in the living room.
Funny girl. She'll pick it up with all her might and move it.
That's ok with me. It's light weight. I can always move it back when needed. I doesn't need to sit in the corner as a reminder. We have forgiveness and grace in our house.
Good news. No one was put in time out this weekend! Hooray for my team.


  1. I'm proud that no time out was needed this weekend! Hang in there. As Carsyn gets more vocabulary tantrums can subside. I love you all.

  2. Hooray!!!! I'm glad no one was in timeout this weekend? Carsyn, it sounds like you are getting some very good training with "time out". I like that, but I really like the forgiveness and grace part. I love you!!!