Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monitoring the Situation

Last night Carsyn’s monitor was outrageously loud. Annoying static permeated my dreams and IT.WOULD.NOT.STOP. Carsyn has been sleeping on her blow up princess bed in the floor of her room for several months. Perhaps we don’t even need a monitor on her, but none the less, it’s there.

I was already gone when Carsyn woke up and walked into our bedroom. Tony said he went to turn the monitor off and noticed a face staring back at him. Silly Tony. That’s just one of Carsyn’s baby dolls. Then the face moved. The whole body moved. Tony looked closer. That was NOT our baby. Who’s baby is that? Someone else has their baby monitor set to the same frequency as Carsyn’s and we’d been watching someone else's kid all night! Come to find out, Carsyn’s camera wasn’t even on.


  1. Love it! Had the same thing happen to me -- baby was crying - went in to get her - my baby was fast asleep...but baby on monitor was crying -- scared me to death!!

  2. That is so creepy! Thankfully I live in a neighborhood with all old people, so they don't have baby monitors!

  3. That is just so funny. I have read over it severaltimes and laugh out loud every time. Thank you for including the many goofy times of parenting life. We certainly all have our own goofy stories. We may not tell on ourselves though. Love Y'all so much.