Monday, March 12, 2012

Pirate Talk

Carsyn enjoys a little pirate talk. She’s been know to cover one eye and say “Arg, Maty” for a while now. Then Dora and Diego have jumped on the pirate bandwagon and her phrases have increased to:

“Aye, aye Captain.”

“Trim the Sails”

But my favorite was last night. After rattling of her repertoire she ends with a dramatic “All hands on neck” and while sweeping her arm out then back in to cover her neck.

She’s 3. She knows what a neck is.  A Deck??? nothing.


  1. HILARIOUS!!! There is a Dora Pirate Adventure Show in Hurst during April - $5 a ticket - totally taking Audrey Kate!!

  2. Crystal, that is classic Carsyn. But remember you were about the same age and "basket" and "casket" were your mixed words. Little girls know what they know and go with it. I love reading about quotes. They are priceless.

    Love ya,