Friday, March 9, 2012

Morning Happenings

Most weekday mornings I’m out the door before anyone else is out of bed. I try to get to work early and beat some traffic so I can leave early and beat some more traffic on my way home.  This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and didn’t have to leave too early and got to witness what goes on around this joint.

There is a really a sweet rhythm going on in our house when Tony and Carsyn get ready for their days. First there is snuggle time. This is where Carsyn gets in our bed and dulls out hugs and kisses. She wiggles her way next to you and sings silly songs.  Eventually she’ll ask for a pop tart and to watch Diego. This morning she consulted with Baby Brother on the TV show selection.

Leaning toward my belly, “Baby brother, what do you want to watch?” Pause. “What’s that? I didn’t hear you.” Pause. “Oh, ok.” Turning to me she says, “Baby Brother wants to watch Team Umizoomi.”

Can you feel it? They’re already working as a team to out maneuver us.

As Tony and I are getting ready in the bathroom, Tony turns the iPad on and selects some tunes to start the day. Carsyn walks in when she hears the music. Baby girl and Daddy share a love of music. I like music, but it doesn’t often make my radar of important things. Carsyn starts dancing around the bathroom and Tony is clapping and encouraging her. I’m enjoying the little scene. Carsyn stops and looks at me with her hands out and says “Momma, I need more space.” AKA…move it lady, you’re standing on my dance floor. I laugh and then get my happy self to the closet. Tony explains this is their morning routine.

I have to give Tony a lot of credit for having such great mornings. When it’s my turn to take Carsyn in the mornings, I’m more like a Drill Sergeant and less like Mary Poppins.

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  1. How fun!!! What a way to start off a morning. Oh what great memories Carsyn will have of getting ready in the mornings. I love how she consulted with Baby Brother on what to watch. You are both such great parents. We are so proud of you. We are proud of you too Carsyn and of course Baby Brother. We love you so much! MawMaw and PawPaw