Monday, April 9, 2012



Baby boy is free! Daddy cut his hospital id bracelet off this morning. He’s been home since Saturday, but I just hadn’t taken it off. I’m not really sure why. Tony did the honors after Ty’s Newborn wellness doctor’s appointment.

While I was still in the hospital with Ty and Tony and Carsyn were home trying to get well…Carsyn asked Tony why he had his hospital bracelet on. He explained why he needed to wear it and told her he still had the bracelet he wore when she was in the hospital. Carsyn thought that was so cool and asked to see it. She was rather persistent and Tony was able to produce the bracelet from his night stand. It made her feel so special he still had her bracelet and it made me love him even more. How awesome to still hold on to that first identifying symbol of fatherhood.

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