Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hunt and Pet

 IMG_0563 Carsyn, Daddy and Granny headed to the country club for the annual egg hut on Saturday morning. Ty and Momma chilled at the hospital.


Carsyn was highly successful and found 21 eggs! Great job baby girl.


There was face painting and egg decorating. Carsyn even waited in line for an hour for a super cool bunny balloon.


Then there was the petting zoo. Carsyn loves her some animals. She has no fear and would probably want them all to live in our backyard.



  1. Carsyn you look like you had so much fun! I'm glad your Daddy and Granny were able to be with you. Way to go girl!

  2. Carsyn, what a great day for you. I am so glad that your Momma insisted that you get to go. I had a great time painting eggs with you. You are such a fast runner collecting so may eggs. Carsyn, you are so sweet and look fabulous wearing a painted flower on you cheek. I love you so much. Granny.