Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Family

Carsyn let MamMaw hold her while she ate. She's a good eater and it always makes her happy!

Then she played with Grandma for a while. She was a sweet baby. She played on the floor until she wore herself out.

It's hard work visiting family. Call this nap #1 for the day and it was only 11 am.

Saturday afternoon we traveled to Temple to visit with my dad's cousins and aunts. (Mind you this was last Saturday. I'm a little behind).

I don't know if you've notice that a few of these ladies are very mature. My MamMaw will be 97 at the end of the month. My dad's aunts are both in their 80's. I've warned Tony, I will be around for a long time. Women on both sides of my family just last.

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