Sunday, September 20, 2009


Here is Carsyn on her way to church. Looking mighty spiffy in her big bow. Carsyn has been amazing at the church nursery. Basically they love her and think she 's the best baby they've ever seen. To put it mildly. I went to feed Carsyn between church and Sunday School. There was no bow. That's not a big deal. The bow doesn't always make it through out the day. The nursery volunteer said Carsyn was fine with it. It was all her little friends that were amazed by it. The kept touching it so they volunteer saved Carsyn and took her bow off. Thanks for sticking up for my baby and making her safe, nursery can be a rough crowd.

Here is Carsyn chillin' at home. Bow out, bloomers off. Playing.

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  1. I do enjoy your headbands and big bows best, Carsyn. It's OK if you don't grow up too fast. I understand needing to loose the bow in Sunday School. Sometimes friends lovingly invade our persinal space. Ask your mom & dad if you can cime this weekend for MamMaw's birthday. Love you.