Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Simple Things

We're still working on the sippy cup. Carsyn doesn't seem to understand that she can drink the water inside it. Or maybe she just doens't like water. I don't really know.

Any way. I took the plastic suction valve thingy off her cup so the water woud flow out freely. Well, flow it did, all over her high chair. Can you see the water on her tray?
She really enjoyed splashing around in the water!


  1. Carsyn, it looks like you are having lots of fun playing in the water. I can see it makes you happy. I love you, Sweet Pea!!!

  2. Crystal, I am really proud of you letting Carsyn experience the cup, pouring the water out and enjoying it. I know its not always fun cleaning up after little ones. Keep enjoying each of these impromptu activities. This is what makes family memories.

    Carsyn, keep on splashing, little girl!