Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

Carsyn is 2!!!


We celebrated by going to Ms. B’s house. Momma and Daddy went to work.P1050561 

Here is Carsyn posing for the camera a Ms. Brandy’s house. She is such a ham. I wanted Carsyn to have a little birthday party at her daycare and sent the camera so we’d have pictures for memories.



I took cupcakes for them to share. And now for the '’Honest Portion” of our blog post. The cupcakes were not homemade. Now that in and of its self is no crime. The deception begins with me trying to pass them off as homemade. I flat out ran out of time the day before. I went to the store and bought mini cupcakes from the bakery. Then I bought a can of frosting. At home I scrapped the fancy, pretty bakery frosting off and slapped on the runniest liquefied frosting from a can. These things were pathetic. But I lead Brandy to believe I made them, so she wouldn’t think I was so loser working home that didn't care about her baby’s birthday.P1050577 Consolation. Carsyn seems happy about the whole affair.


Here are Carsyn’s buddies at daycare. Lily is there because it was Christmas break, then Carsyn, Patrick and Kylie. Here other buddy Logan and Oliver aren’t pictured.


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  1. Carsyn I love your cupcake shirt, which your momma did make is awesome! Glad you had fun with your friends.