Sunday, December 12, 2010


P1050404Tony and I hosted a Christmas Party for his coworkers. MawMaw and PawPaw were kind enough to come take Carsyn for a night so we could have some grown up time. Very very nice of them. From what we hear, they all had a fantastic time!


P1050396Here is Jamie, me, and Lisa. Jamie is another Oklahoma girl married to an inspector. Lisa is marrying Sean next month. She’s the reason we’re cruisin’ soon!!



Cody and Tommy, fellow Inspectors. Tommy was married this past March and Tony and I went to the wedding. Cody is preparing to be a dad for the first time in February.

P1050399Here is Paul and his wife Donna. He fixed our computer this summer. Thanks!!


P1050400Trey and Annette. They were at Carsyn’s baby shower 2 years ago. They bought Carsyn her first piece of Children’s Place clothing. 


P1050402Sam and Rosa. They’re great. Sam is Tony’s boss. We’ve gone out with them several times and their daughter babysits Carsyn. They’ll also be on the cruise ship with us too.



Brad and Crista!! Brad was an Inspector until a year ago. He quit and moved to Iowa for a different federal job so his family could be closer to home. A baby changes everything. We miss our friends. Their parties and their pool!


P1050395 Emily and Dean. She is a bank investigator and he is cop.  Emily is going on the cruise and she was also kind enough to take all the pictures at the party!

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