Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Baby

 P1050431 Mom and I took Carsyn to see Santa on Saturday. It wasn’t at the mall. Or Cabela’s. Or Walmart. Nope. It was at a consignment shop. That’s how I roll. It worked really well for us. The idea of the mall Santa make me cringe. I knew I couldn’t take her any other time, but on a Saturday. Yuck! The resale shop about 1/2 mile down the road had Santa and I was like ‘Score!’



Granny had been prepping Carsyn about Santa. He has a beard. A white fluffy beard. And a red hat. We’d been talking about it, but Carsyn still was unsure. I was so glad we weren’t at the mall. She had time to warm up and check Santa out before we took pictures.


P1050437 And this is a close as she got. Not interested in sitting in his lap. And mamma needed to be in the picture. That’s no problem. I manage my expectations and there is no disappointment. Carsyn did great. No crying. No screaming. So far she still likes Santa! and me.

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  1. Carsyn I'm very proud of you for going to see Santa. Way to go girlie!