Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After

P1050558 We survived Christmas. We even made it to church. Despite Carsyn’s ever effort to sabotage me. Carsyn is independent and stubborn. She is going through a testing stage right now. We’ve been out of town a lot and her schedule has been turned upside down. Carsyn likes to yell ‘No! No! Momma!’ and point her little finger at me when I ask her to mind me. Simple things. Wiping her hands off after eating. Changing her diaper. Taking a bath. It’s exhausting and disheartening. Sunday morning trying to get her ready was rough.



Thankfully she was a sweeter baby after church and we got some great photos. We’re going home and praying that this week at home will bring about better behavior. Tony and I are using time out to correct her behavior. I really just want to spank her, but I try to refrain and use that punishment for dangerous situations. Timeout hurts her feelings, but I’m not sure if she gets it yet.  Parenthood is hard.

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