Wednesday, March 23, 2011


It’s time for a Girls Getaway!!

Misty and I along with our friends from high school headed out for New York City. No babies. No husbands. Just some good girlfriend time.


We found an awesome hotel, AKA Sutton Place. We shared a two bedroom suite. Shame on me for not snapping any pics, but I hit the ground running when I landed in NYC. I stole a few off their website.

NewYorkCity-AKA-Sutton-Place-2-Bedroom-Deluxe-Suite-akasuttonplacehotelnewyorklivingareanew2-1There was a full kitchen and two full baths.


NewYorkCity-AKA-Sutton-Place-2-Bedroom-Deluxe-Suite-akasuttonplacehotelnewyorkbedroomnew-1 This bedroom is actually smaller than either one we had.

I highly recommend this hotel if your planning a visit with your family or a group of people!


We started in Central Park. Only covered 1/3 of it.

 P1060385 P1060388We saw a cool castle built between 1869-1874. This is the meteorological station for NYC. When you hear that it’s 74 and rainy, this is where that data comes from. 


P1060390 We took pictures. Felt skinny.



Here is our group(front:Misty, Emily, me. Back: Jenni and Ashley) with Lois. She was an amazing tour guide. Lois participates in the Big Apple Greeter program. A local volunteer shows tourist around one of their favorite neighborhoods. In our case it was Central Park. Lois is a rock star. She is 80 years old. Has been to 148 countries and walked around Central Park for 2 hours.


Here I am with Misty and Lois. Stuffing my face with a lunch on the go while walking through Central Park. So New York of me ;-)

Misty, Me and Lois-1


After Central Park, we spent a little time getting lost on the subway. Seriously frustrated with the weekend schedule!


Our evening started in Times Square. Crossroads of the world.


This picture is in front of the Marriott Marque hotel. There is an awesome restaurant on top of the hotel. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees and gives you view of the entire city.



This was our very fancy dinner for the trip. Totally worth it. I had duck legs as an appetizer. Filet mignon for the main course and followed up with traditional New York style cheese cake. Loved the experience.


P1060395   So fortunate to be there at sunset.


Then we wrapped up the night with a Broadway show!

It’s Broadway, translation: Fantastic


I know I know. You’re just tired reading about all of it. I had been up since 4:45 EST. By the time we got back to the hotel at 11:30, I was passed tired. We packed ALOT into the first couple of days.

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