Thursday, March 24, 2011

NYC Day 2

As previously mentioned, Day 1 and Day 2 were cram packed with activity.

After losing an hour of sleep to Daylight Savings Time, we were up very early for the Statue of Liberty. P1060400P1060401

Here were are waiting in the security line. Gotta keep that Lady safe.



Lucky us. We made it through security. Here is our crew of 5 on the ferry to Liberty Island.


Me and big foot-1

Big Foot. I’m a little unsettled by it.


Emily picking nose-1

Here’s Emily being super classy ;-)

We all got to walk up inside the pedestal and see a really neat museum about the building of the statue and see examples of life size features.P1060438


Jenni and lady liberty-1

Jenni looking as lovely as Lady Liberty.



After the Statue of Liberty, we ferried over to Ellis Island. Smashed on a boat like so many millions of people over the last several hundred years. Thankfully our passage was cheap and short in comparison. Bonus…No Medical Exam when I entered the great all above.



Here’s Misty being super teacher. Misty and Jenni were working on a documentary to take back to their students. Way dedicated.



Once we got back on the ‘main island’ AKA Manhattan, we grabbed lunch, walked by several churches and wandered are way to the World Trade Center site. Ground Zero.



Misty and I were there 4 years ago and they’ve made amazing progress. It was literally just a hole in the ground. Now there is the start of an amazing building.


After Ground Zero we crossed the river to Jersey. Hoboken. the Cake Boss’s bakery. The Cake Boss is a show on TLC about this crazy Italian family running a bakery.

Carols Bake Shop

What are these pictures you might ask? No cupcakes? No canolis? Why? Because all those people in line got there before us. A line that was over an hour and a half long.        Carols line-1

An hour and a half for some bakes goods.


Here is the end of the line.

Here I am at the end of the line. This is how I feel about waiting in line for almost 2 hours.



Our group decided to pass on Carlos’s Bakery and head over to Greenwich Village to Sweet Revenge. I heard about it on a Chase small business credit card commercial. I’m a geek like that. I hear about things on a commercial and I google them.

Sweet Revenge-1  

        Sweet Revenge was AWESOME. Loved the neighborhood and the little shop. It felt very NYC. Like we were locals. The place was super tiny. P1060473

It’s specialty is paring homemade fantabulous cupcakes with wine or beer. I know. I don’t drink wine or beer, but I was all on board for the experience.

P1060476Please take note of the pink cell phone next to super duper yummy peanut butter cupcake. That cell phone was superwoman all week long. Loved the internet, the Google maps, the subway maps, the trip it. Pink Cell phone Power!

After we all go a little pick me up from the Sweet Revenge stop, we headed to SoHo. Found some fancy boutiques (aka DASH), cool sidewalk vendors, and lots of locals. Loved SoHo and Greenwich Village. They were a nice contrast to the history and tourism of the Statue of Liberty.


Cupcakes for dinner wasn’t going to cut it for these girls. Nope. The three of us headed out to a local Irish Pub near the hotel. Tried about 6 different beers. Still don’t really like them. Nice memory though.


Holy Moly, that was a long day. You’re probably exhausted just reading this post. We were sure tired too, but New York City is an experience and we didn’t want to waste any minute.

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