Sunday, March 20, 2011


Carsyn spent part of Spring Break in Oklahoma with Granny and PaPa T because our babysitter, Brandy, took a few days off. So that means I drove up there to get her and spend some time with the fam during March Madness.

I’m trying to get a cut pic of Gage and me because we were matching. I had on white and grey stripes and he had on white and grey koala bears.

 P1060634 His little old man face.


P1060635 Finally got a good picture of me and I his eyes look great, but I think he was so over it.



Carsyn loves playing at Granny and Papa T’s house.


There is sidewalk chalk.

P1060638 P1060640 P1060644

Checking the mail with PaPa T.

P1060646 P1060648

Sorting the rocks in the flower bed.



Then there is the park.

P1060654 P1060655 P1060658  Carsyn and Toby (my cousin Katie’s little boy) had a blast going up and down the slides.


P1060666  Gage and me again. Now were just like twinkies. Both wearing grey and white stripes. Again, Gage has no interest in posing in a picture with me.


P1060675 Hi sweet Stormie Mae. This is my cousin Katie’s little girl.


P1060681 Looks like Gage picked up the rock sorting skills from Carsyn.



Here is Carsyn on a big kid swing. She’s not a fan yet. She was on the verge of crying at this point. Don’t worry. I took a super quick pic and then picked her up.


Thanks for such a great time Granny and PaPa T.

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