Saturday, April 2, 2011

Amazing Night

My 30th Birthday was Wednesday. Tony was out of town. Kind of a bummer. But we had a fun night planned on Friday to help make up for it.


The plan was for my parents and Misty and Jeff to eat dinner at Trophy Club and then the ‘kids’ to head down to Fort Worth to hear Gary Allen at Billy Bob’s.

Great plan and I was very excited about it.

But wait…the night was full of surprises. We had a special room at the country club with a beautiful table.P1060765


And SPRINKLES cupcakes. How amazing do those look? ‘Happy Birthday Crystal’ So good!! Tony was so sweet to drive all the way to North Dallas to get them special for me. Red velvet was my choice and it did not disappoint.


The happy couple.


Misty and Jeff.    P1060770


My parents, Mike and Catherine and Josh and Michelle were all there too. (Surprise again! My friends came!)

I guess I was so surprised that I didn’t get one good picture of anyone else.

Another surprise…a limo!!! Sweet riding to the concert.

P1060776 P1060807P1060777 This is how we roll. In style.


Us at Billy Bob’s in downtown Fort Worth.


Gary Allen. He’s so cool. We had so much fun at the concert. Gary was a great entertainer and the people with backstage passes were really funny to watch. Remember if you ever spring for a backstage pass…people in the front row can see you!


Me and Billy Bob’s celebrating 30 great years together.


Tony was so sweet. He wanted me to look and feel my best on my special night. I got new clothes – Miss Me capri jeans and a super cute top. Didn’t he do an awesome job! Then it was suggested that I take some time off and enjoy a me day with a mani/pedi followed by a spray tan. I’m a huge fan of the spray tan. Looks good and no skin cancer. Double plus in my book.


Tony, thank you so much for a wonderful night. I had a blast and felt very loved and special!


  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had the perfect day! What a sweet husband.

  2. Thank you for having a birthday! It was so much fun and you looked great!

  3. We had a blast girl! Tony did great as usual.

  4. Pretty sure a had a dream about sprinkles cupcakes. Think they woo deliver to sterling?