Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at the Club

So people laugh at us because we’re members of a country club. But it’s truthfully the most economical way for our family, consider how much golf Tony plays. This past month we joined a new club. First of all, it has two course and that offers variety for Tony. Secondly, they actually hold events for families.

There was an Easter Bunny. Carsyn told me that she was going to hug and kiss the bunny. That was before she way him. The second Daddy walked away, she was done with that giant of a bunny.




There was an egg hunt. See all the people? A little overwhelming for Tony and me; I can only imagine how Carsyn felt.


Daddy and Carsyn patiently waiting for the go signal.



Carsyn was super sweet and didn’t steal anyone’s egg. She was actually very calm the whole time. We think she had fun. But it’s not like she squealed and giggled. This was her first real hunt. It’s a lot to take in.


Daddy showing her the loot.



The Eater Bunny, and egg hunt and a petting zoo. Good times for a 2 year old.



Carsyn really likes animals. She isn’t afraid and wants to talk with them. She said “I love you baby goat”.


Getting right in there and brushing the goat.


Big stretch for the bunny. She liked this one much better than the oversized bunny.


We had a wonderful family day on Saturday. Proof that the club isn’t just for golf.

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  1. Carsyn you have a great sense of adventure. Way to get out there and try little girl!