Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Day!

Easter Day was hectic. Not calm. The devil was working hard. I needed to make mashed potatoes and deviled eggs for lunch at friends house after church. We were going to the 9:30 service and that would give us plenty of time to get things ready after church and before lunch. Tony was on call, but that usually never interferes with church. I got the potatoes going, eggs boiling, Carsyn in the bath, me in the shower, everything was clicking right along. Then Tony got a call. He needed to leave and head towards Huntsville because of a robbery. Seriously. OK. Easter alone. That’s fine. While I was finishing up, Tony was getting Carsyn all ready. Then…she spilled milk all over her Easter dress. Ugh! Looks like the 11:00 service was calling our name. I threw the dress in the washer and got started on the potatoes. They were paste. Apparently if you leave the potatoes in water and let them cool, the starch does something and they become paste when you start to mash them. Scratch the potatoes, I’ll go by the store and buy potato salad. Next the eggs. I hate peeling the shell off. Such a pain. Got Carsyn’s dress out of the dryer. Had all her clothes on and realized that a seem had ripped. In her brand.new.dress. OK, you get the idea. Is was a bad morning. It was like Friday. But don’t fear, Sunday’s coming.

They played this video at church. I wanted to stand up and shout. Amen! Sunday is coming!


(for those of you that go to my church, I don’t think this is the actual video they showed, but it’s not about the video. It’s the words. God’s WORD)


Praise God that Sunday is here. That we live because Sunday is here.

Church was wonderful. A great time of praise and worship.


There was Easter egg hunting too.

P1060890 P1060886 P1060888

Carsyn made out like a bandit! Thanks for having us Mike and Catherine!

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  1. Thanks for the video Crystal. It was excatly what I needed, and I love that pastor.

    Congrats on all your eggs Carsyn. You are an amazing hunter. I can't wait to take you on a real hunt. ;P