Monday, August 17, 2009

Clear the Room

Pretty sure Carsyn will die when she reads this post when she's older. Tony and I ate supper last night with our church Home Team. She was looking very sweet in her new dress and big bow. As you well know, Carsyn has been eating various solid foods. This is causing some new experiences for us all.
Long story short...Carsyn had some rumbling in her tummy and passed gas. It was REALLY BAD. All 8 adults cleared out of the place fast. One girl thought the smell came from her husband. Nope. It came from our sweet little 7 month old. Tony was so proud.


  1. Look at that precious face. No way she could be accused of clearing a room. I just don't believe it. I don't care how "fragrant" she gets, she will always be sweet.

  2. Carsyn, is everyone telling tales on you? I agree with Granny. There is no way anyone could accuse sweet little Carsyn of clearing a room. You are and will always be sweet!