Monday, August 24, 2009


Please view the following as proof (I'm talking to you grandparents) that our baby isn't always hugs and kisses. Last night she was so very tired. It caught us off guard. She wanted to go to bed at 7:30. Tony was giving her a bath and she screamed the WHOLE time. She went to bed soon after bath time and slept until I woke her up at 6. And she really didn't want to get up then. A girl after my own heart.

Tonight we tried pears.

Not our favorite.


  1. "Happy" may be an exaggeration, but at least she calmed down for a few moments.

    Eating pears was a huge learning curve for me too, Carsyn. Hang in there. They get better. Of course, it does help to enjoy your supper when a girl has had enough sleep.

    Rest well, sweet girl. Mom and Dad, you too, hang in there. Love you all.

  2. PapaT says no more crying pictures on the blog. He does not like that. "There's no Crying in Blog."

  3. Ohhhhh....that's too sad to hear about crying all through your bath last night and then when you ate pears, too. Sometimes we just get tired and all we can do is cry, but rest sure does help. And those pears...well...they do taste different and it can take some getting used to. Mommy put a lot of love into making those pears for you along with a lot of other food. Carsyn, you are so very special and you have a great Mommy and Daddy. They are doing a great job with loving and training you. PawPaw and I are so very proud of all of you. We love you!!!